Questions from the muck stirrer himself

Henry discloses the propaganda behind the Tudors

Is it true that the French were tricked by Henry so that their cannons could not fire as far as the English ones?

A Son will bring about closure to all my problems!

Letter to the Editor

My Uncle Seymour looks after me, I will be King one day when Father dies and Uncle will guide me in all matters of politics. My Mother was Fathers greatest love and I was born out of love which gives me a good feeling about my parents. I never saw my Mother, I was only 13 days old when she died, my Father blames himself for the loss of his love. My two sisters are nice but Mary sometimes is mean, I think because she was ordered to look after me when I was very young. She had lost her title of Princess, as did Elizabeth my other sister, to become plain Lady Mary. I think she blames me in some way for that. Elizabeth is always kind and nice with me, she plays and tells me stories about her life and she write poetry to read to me, I must say she is my favourite sister.
I am ill at times, I cough a lot and everybody gets worried in case I die, all because I am the next in line for the throne and will keep the Tudor name going. I think my illness is because of the cold weather and damp places where I live, thatís all really. Uncle Seymour is a Protestant really, he pretends to be a good Church of England Catholic like Father, but he believes the church to be corrupt and follows the teachings of Martin Luther. I many ways I think Uncle is right, I like the idea of a church for the people, not the people for the church and quietly agree with him. Iím not sure what will happen with the Church of England when I become its leader, Uncle Seymour tells me that I will make it more popular than ever because he has a plan to incorporate the Protestant views into the Catholic way. I hope Mary doesnít get mad about this idea, I know Elizabeth will be OK with it.
I met my cousins last week, my favourite one was Jane Grey, she was so nice but seemed to be dominated by her Father and his brother, always telling her what to do. Jane is the granddaughter of my Fathers sister and so cold be in line for the throne, but after my Sisters of course. Jane also is a Protestant so that would cause problems too. Take it from me, it is not easy being a Tudor, it can be very dangerous and politics play an very important part of my life.
I must go now, Uncle Seymour is looking for me and wants to talk about being my guardian in case Father dies soon and I am not old enough to make big decisions as King. Iím sure Father is going to be OK, and in any case Uncle Seymour is a clever man and the country would be safe in his hands.

Thank you for reading my letter to the Editor.

Prince Edward Tudor
London 1546

Marriage, Power and Lefties!

1. Just who would Queen Elizabeth have married for the country? Pure speculation from an instinctive viewpoint.

It would not have been her long time beau, Leicester. His family history and the suspicious circumstances of his first wifeís death would have been too heavy a baggage to carry.

It would not have been a foreign monarch, Elizabeth would never be second and she would remember the Spanish effect from her sisters marriage.

It would never have been a man from the lower classes, whether rich now or famous.

The past infamous families from her Fathers reign would not get a look in.

Not a Scot, the Mary Stuart affair would have put paid to that one.

That only leaves closer family and she didnít trust any of them.

Ok! She could have married a senior nobleís son, who would she trust, and what religion would she choose?

No wonder she stayed single!

2. How legitimate was Henry VIIís claim to the throne?

Not a lot. But then neither was Richard IIIís hold on the throne.
Having a Father, Edmund Tudor born of a Tudor Noble and an Ex-Queen is not really a claim for the title of King. So using the unrest in the country from Richardís rule, and saving Elizabeth of York from the possible same fate of her brothers in the Tower, the Tudors won the battle. Legitimacy is the view of the winner.

3. Left-handedness was considered evil amongst the population and lefties were forced to be right-handed from birth. Except if you are the King of England, where you have been chosen by God and so your leftie-ness is a gift from God. Enter Leftie-Henry VIII, he jousted leftie, danced leftie, sword-man-ship leftie and so did his predominant Rightie court to make sure Henry didnít look odd.
No wonder he was good at the sports and always won!

Y'know I'm right!

Tudor Spin Doctors.
Forget the present day Ministerial spin doctors from the Blair or Bush Governments, they are mere amateurs compared to the Tudors. Tudor spin has moulded history books and history itself for over 500 years, we have gained our History degrees from the rubbish of clever minds in Tudor courts. Propaganda has been the Tudor tool from day one of their reign.

1. Henry Tudor born in Pembroke and so must be related to the much loved myth of King Arthur and his round table! Merlinís Bridge, The Welsh Dragon just add to the spin.

2. Henry VIIís first born son named Arthur just to keep the spins revolving.

3. Richardís misdeedís in the Tower against his nephewís built up into a fierce story of murder and treason.

4. Elizabeth of Yorkís position at the top of a hit list to get her on the Tudor side and bring the houses of Lancaster and York together at last.

5. Hunchback Richard III, his painting actually doctored to add on this hunchback and so frighten the people.

6. All payments to the Catholic church stopped after the seizing of the monasteries, the people now richer.

7. Murdering Henry Tudors money collectors to get into favour with the people.

8. Playing on peoples witchcraft fears with evidence against Ann Boleyn.

9. Using William Shakespeare to spread the spin to the people in the form of entertainment.

10. Francis Baconís novel of Henry VII the most creeping novel in existence.

11. Battle of the Spurs, what a farce! No battle just a siege then they ran off.

12. Royal public tributes to the sailors who trounced the Armada, then never paid them!

13. Ban the English Bible, execute the author then proclaim it for the reformation of the church.

The so called Gunpowder Plot

Now give Henry a bit of a rest from all that religious grief, go and research King James I, now thereís a rascal worth chasing!
I wonít directly give away any Royal secrets BUT!

How on Earth did Catesby do all that planning, get those cellars under the Parliament, and have tons of Gunpowder stored there at whatever cost it was? Impossible without inside help!

Never mind inside help what about inside ringleaders?

In my view Catesby was set up, thatís why he was killed in the round-up to keep his mouth shut, he was recruited by Salisbury to kill off the Stuart dynasty and put a Papal Catholic on the throne to give the recusants a new beginning.
Guido, sorry Guy Fawkes was a patsy, set up by Salisbury to be caught red handed, so why did Salisbury seemingly commit treason?
He didnít, I hear the cry of eureka! I think his boss was in on it too, maybe he even thought it all up!

Here's how I think it went. King James sick of recusant demands for Catholic tolerance got together with his intelligent, but creepy chancellor to frame the Papal Catholics into a plot to kill the King of England. They were eager to plot, they were led by Catesby who was a charismatic Robin to their meagre Hoods.
Did it work I hear you say?
Sure did, the plotters were either killed in the fight or were publicly executed with their hearts in the hands of the executioner, ďhere is the heart of a traitorĒ keeping the crowds on the boil. A rather sick joke really as their heads were par-boiled to blacken them before being spiked on the Bridges in full view.
The bonus for the monarchy from this sinister plot and counter plot, was the trial and execution of the innocent leader of the Jesuits, father Henry Garnet. How many priests, recusant Catholics were killed or driven out of this country will never be established, but if true, this act of treason by the Monarchy itself will never be surpassed as an act of utmost cunning and cowardice.

Mary Queen of Scots. Even your admirers are confused.

This picture was taken two days ago, June 1st, 2006. In Fotheringhay next to the caslte mound. 1586/7 ?
The local church in Fotheringhay is called St.Mary's and sports a Scottish Royal crest on its sign. How on earth did such a back-stabbing, murderous, plotter ever become a Saint?