There are many ways to contact King Henry VIII, either by Post, by Telephone, by E-mail by Fax or by a Medium! he he. Henry cannot give out his postal address as his six Mother-in-laws are after him.

Contact details are only by email as the ex-King relishes his peace and quiet.

He will of course reply as his many wives will nag him to death unless he gets off his throne to his Royal Office.

Contact. The company email has been taken off due to Spammers using the name. If you know me then ring me or use my private email. If you are trying to contact me but do not know me then contact my publisher from the first page. So is life in this world of bloggers, blaggers and beggars.

Henry is now a writer, donning his costumes will only ever happen for special one-off performances.

He's moved on.

Dead Ringer.
By Henry Tudor

Many have asked what itís like to be a King
Iím not a King, Iím me, itís not the same thing.
Just by being the double of this famous man
Does not mean Iím like him, Iím not a great fan.

I donít use people badly, as did his cruel throne
Iíll consider their feelings, or leave them alone.
I hate being obvious, keep in the background
Iíll disappear in the crowd, when cameraís around.

But, I am his dopple-ganger, my fate must be so
When I don his suit and his jewelry, his personality grow.
Out comes the outrageous, the bellowing voice
I canít stop the performance, I have no real choice.

Will I ever shake off, this manís obvious look
Shave the beard off, take the hat off the hook.
Will he haunt me forever, in every shop glass
Heís still there watching me, whenever I pass.

I even acted out his death, to try to discard
But he made it so real, left me mentally scarred.
So now Iíll never wear his clothing ever again
Try being just me now, keeping me sane.

Iím just a simple man
Not Henry Octavian.

Spooky picture eh!